The Biography of ORDAINED

Ordained began as Ordained Ministries as a husband and wife duo in July 2013. Greg & Catrina Headrick started their journey singing, feeling that God had ordained them to be together, thus the name Ordained Ministries came to be. Singing and Ministering for the next three years. 

Finally in April 2016 Ordained Ministries became known as Just Ordained, when bringing on Catrina’s Mother (Glenda Hasty). Glenda joined Greg & Catrina after a twelve year hiatus from singing due to health issues of her and her husband (Shelby Hasty) which forced them to come off the road. 

Catrina started singing at the age of thirteen, she started with her family (The Hasty’s). The Hasty’s became very well known and traveled and sung all over the United States, sharing the stage with many Gospel greats. 

 The Hasty’s won The Perry Talent search and won a recording contract with the Eddie Crook Company. The Eddie Crook Company produced very well known groups such as The McKamey’s, The Isaac’s and many more. 

After singing with her family, Catrina sang with other groups as well, such as Heirline, Shields of Faith and several others and also sang as a soloist for several years. Then with her husband Greg Headrick in July 2013. 

Greg started singing at the age of seventeen, when he and his best friend started a quartet. They were known as The Missionaries. All four young men who had answered the call to preach. The young group traveled every weekend for several years. After the disbandment of The Missionaries, Greg was more known for his Preaching then singing. Then in July 2013 he began singing again with his wife Catrina Headrick. 

Glenda started singing at the age of fifteen. She sang with many groups throughout the years and had a solo career as well. In 1983, Glenda along with her husband (Shelby Hasty) founded The Hasty’s. The Hasty’s would become known to many gospel greats, such as Vestil Goodman, The Perry’s, The Isaac’s, The Crabb Family and many more. 

The Hasty’s traveled across the United States for twenty five years. And had the honor of having top 40’s and top 80’s in The Singing News Charts. 

In 2008 both Glenda and Shelby became quite ill and had to come off the road. Glenda’s health improved and she was finally able to join her daughter and son in law in April 2016 now as Ordained. 

Ordained joined the Chapel Valley record label in July 2019, cutting their first album (Forever Standing).

On August 2nd 2020 Glenda Hasty went home to be with the Lord. Our lose is great! We know where she is, so we just say until we meet again.

On September 6th 2020 Kathy Sewell officially joined Ordained as the newest member filling the spot left vacant by the lose of Glenda Hasty.

On December 31st 2020 Kathy Sewell felt her place was to be with her family, due to their health issues so she left Ordained.

On  January 28th 2021 Ordained was greatly honored to have Jeremy Kesley join them as the newest member singing tenor and lead.  Jeremy is a Phenomenal singer who loves the Lord and is totally sold out to God's service.


Biography of The Three

Greg Headrick - BARITONE - Booking Manager

My name is Greg Headrick and I along with my wife (Catrina Headrick) founded Ordained in July 2013.

I was born into the family of God at the age of 13 at Westside Missionary Baptist Church in Ringgold Georgia. I was raised in a Christian home with Christian values.

I answered the call of God to preach the gospel when I was 17 years old, and I have had the great honor and privilege to preach in many churches and see many come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior throughout the years. I have sung Southern Gospel music with several gospel groups through the years, but have been known mostly for preaching the gospel.

I once had a tracheotomy for 10 years and had to be in a wheel chair with 24 hour oxygen for seven years. The doctors said I would never walk again nor get the tracheotomy out, but God delivered me from all of it. I have also suffered with 35 heart attacks. Yes, I said 35. I know it seems very unlikely that anyone could have so many heart attacks and still be above ground, but God has been merciful to me. I coded in February of 2018. I had to be put on a Ventilator and ECMO machine. The ECMO machine takes all your blood out of your body and puts it back in very rapidly. I was told once you are put on this machine, you rarely get off of it. I was told I was a miracle. They had to perform CPR on me twice and my wife was told by the doctor that he wouldn't give ten cents for my life. With many people praying for me, God saw fit to allow me to live. And with all that is in me, I must live for Him.

I sing mostly Baritone and I am the booking manager for ORDAINED

Catrina Headrick - Lead, Alto

My name is Catrina Headrick and I along with my husband (Greg Headrick) founded Ordained in July 2013.

I was born into the family of God at the age of 13 at North Whitfield Missionary Baptist Church in Tunnel Hill Georgia.

I was raised in a Christian home with values. At the age of 13 I also started singing with my family " The Hasty's " .

During the time of my families travels, we traveled all over the United States, sharing the stage with many Southern Gospel greats known today and that have already gone to be with the Lord.

Since first starting to sing at the age of 13, I have never stopped singing.

I have sang with other groups  throughout the years and now once again with  my Mother and my Husband.

Singing has always been my passion and my call from God.

Jeremy Kesley - Lead, Tenor